8 on Three and 9 on Two

8 on Three and 9 on Two was written for George Clement's senior recital at the Eastman School of Music in 2007.

Risk Every Moment

Risk Every Moment was commissioned by 4-Mality, a percussion quartet based in England. They wanted a piece like 8 on Three and 9 on Two, but for four players. Well...they got it and more. It is an extremely challenging piece and they nailed it! The premier at the Royal College of Music's Day of Percussion in July of 2015 was amazing and it was an honor to be there to witness it!

Check them out at: http://www.4-mality.com

River Hill 2008 Parts I, II, III

Here's a great example of my marching band arrangements.

River Hill 2008 Part IV

American Drummer

The American Drummer was arranged by Doug Weber, but the drum solo was written by myself in 2012.

Boston University Marching Band 2006

"Boston's" song Foreplay performed by the 2006 Boston University Marching Band. Battery Percussion is arranged by me.

Mt. Hebron HS Basketball drumline!

Down Beat Bass Beats

Written for the River Hill High School "Down Beat" Percussion Program.

Five Champs

Five Champs was written for Scatter Percussion Group's performance at the West Shore Day of Percussion. It is play off of the classic drum solo "Three Camps" and it was written for five "champs!"