Hinger Timpani on 9/1/17!

I bought a set of Hinger Timpani from my friend Bronwyn. Bronwyn and I were at Eastman together and she purchased them from the school when they sold off a bunch of older instruments after John Beck retired and Mike Burritt came in. These drums were in Kilbourn Hall since at least the early 80's, if not before that. That means that every percussionist who ever played a recital or concert at Eastman since then has performed on these awesome drums.

Cadets 2017 Bassline was incredible!

These guys took it up a whole new level this year. They split everything imaginable and did it with incredible quality and consistency! Congrats guys. It was a pleasure working with you all.

The basement studio is finally finished!

Trip to Grover Percussion on 11/5/16

Eames and Grover in one day! Neil Grover gave us a great tour of his facility and I picked up a tambourine at the end of the day! Highlights included watching a drum get drilled in a CNC machine in under 5 minutes and checking out the new Will James model 4x14 snare drum.

A new Eames 8x14 24ply drum for the Field Band.

Mark Kohler, the new owner of Eames Drum Company made the Field Band a new 8x14, 24ply drum. It's a monster and it sounds amazing!

Eames Drum Company on 11/5/16!

I stopped by the Eames Drum Company in Saugus, MA to meet the new owner, Mark Kohler, and to pick up a new drum he made for the Field Band! The place looks the same as when Joe Mac owned it, and I'm sure Mark will do great things there and make some awesome drums.

A new shell to build out! (10/30/16)

I bought a 15'' x 15'' solid Ash Cooperman shell. I plan on building a field drum with it. I can't wait to start working on this incredible shell!

A visit to the Cooperman Factory on 10/30/16!

Patrick Cooperman gave another great tour of their amazing facilities in Bellows Falls, VT! I love this place and their awesome all hand made products!

New Glockenspiel case!

I had a set of Deagan bells refurbished by Fall Creek Marimbas, and I built the case from scratch. The case was finished on 9/1/16 and it's made out of Bubinga and Maple.

4-Mality records Risk Every Moment!

4-Mality made an awesome recording of my new piece Risk Every Moment. I hope you enjoy!

Risk Every Moment is Finished!

Risk Every Moment is Finished!

Risk Every Moment, a challenging percussion quartet, commissioned by the group 4-Mality is done.

Here are the program notes from the piece:

At 200 beats per minute, 32nd notes occupy a fraction of an instant. With no time to think, muscle memory takes over. Your hands move instinctively and your reflexes guide your sticks to the mass of instruments in front of you. You have just one chance to nail a passage before yet another part demands your focus.

That intense amount of effort expanded over seven minutes and quadrupled by the presence of four musicians is Risk Every Moment.

Performing this piece is a demanding endeavor. You need the collective power of four percussionists to form the limbs of one monster drum set player; sharing drums, splitting rhythms, and transitioning between drum set grooves to fast split licks to challenging unison parts. One ensemble willing to charge forward together, risking it all in every moment.

"Brake in the Groove"

My piece, "Brake in the Groove", commissioned by Paige Durr and the JMU percussion studio went over great on her senior recital. After a few edits I'm working on, I'll have the piece up for sale. Click below to check out the great things the JMU percussion studio is up to.

Aubrey watches the Cadets rehearse in Frederick, MD!

Aubrey watches the Cadets rehearse in Frederick, MD!

Aubrey Plays the Timpani.

Cadets 2016!

Cadets 2016 Bassline was the real deal! Check them out on youtube.

All-American Bowl 2016!

I had the pleasure of working with the US Army 2016 All-American Marching Band in San Antonio, Texas. Great group of kids and an awesome performance!

Aubrey's Drumming!

Aubrey's Drumming!

Aubrey's almost three and she's pretty good at the drum set already! Time to get her her own kit!

Cooperman Rope Drum has arrived!

Cooperman Rope Drum has arrived!

My 17''x17'' Cooperman rope drum is finished and has arrived! I haven't gotten to take any great pics of it yet, but I'll update the site with some once I get them.

John Beck catches up with his two students in the Army Field Band in Eastman Theater.

John Beck catches up with his two students in the Army Field Band in Eastman Theater.

Walnut 6.5'' x 14'' Snare drum complete!

I bought a walnut shell from Tee Drums and I finished it and built it out myself. I think the drum looks and sounds great!

Copper 5''x14'' Snare complete!

I burned a copper shell with a blow torch to get the copper on this drum. Then I built it out with lugs from Mair drums!

Cadets 2013 Bassline!